Tuesday, June 18, 2013

VBS mission style

VBS in the suburbs St John Church
VBS in the city St John Church

God gives panoramic views of the church. Much like the view of VBS at St. John Church in the suburbs. A balcony view. A glimpse of the pay-off ... the Acts model to see thousands saved. But before we roll out the red carpet and spend thousands on major productions, God provides an intimate look at how ministry happens. Ministry happens up close. One person  at a time. Relationships with the hurting, the hungry, the poor and the lost. The Acts model reveals church, not a building, but people in relationships. In homes and on the streets, ministering to each other. Offering possessions, food, shelter and each other as living sacrifices. Physical needs and spiritual needs are met. People receive the forgiveness of sins, restoration and healing. Church is people proclaiming the gospel with boldness and happy servant hearts. Not buildings with fancy stuff.

I'm finding God in the small, the hungry and the hurting. The biggest decoration includes a few inflatable bumble-bees hanging from the ceiling. A box of donated crafts, supplies and snacks. But when the word of God is spoken at a small inner-city church at St. John in the city, with no lights and no cameras, the children found satisfaction for their souls. They received the good news with eagerness. It was a beautiful experience to live close-up where silver and gold meant less and healing meant more. I may take my kids to see the big shiny building this week. I know God can work in that big space too. But I'm enjoying the intimacy of relationship in the city. I believe God is doing a big work in a small space. And by His Spirit, this church, this people, will grow to reach thousands inside the walls and especially in the homes and on the streets.

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