Wednesday, January 23, 2013

mission 101

I'm into my second semester at MissionShift, a seminary run School of Urban Ministry, referred to as Mission Shift

The class description has held true to its words ... This one-year program will immerse us into a spiritual and demographic study of the multicultural needs of St. Louis inner and urban city.

I've heard tons of folks come in and out of class and share their vision and mission in the city. And soon, I will leave the classroom, leave the case studies and theories behind, and enter the mission field. The moment I've been waiting for! I'm not one to sit still for long periods of time, so the class has been a sheer will of God calling me into obedience to be still and know that He is God.

I want to document a few observations:

I think I can narrow the field of "analysis, theory and case studies" down to two people groups. There are missionaries who are on fire for God, spirit-filled folks who are sold out for the gospel of Jesus. And Jesus is their prime focus. And then there are people who are running an organization/program with Jesus as just one part of the overall program. 

All the organizations have some sort of structure, business model and board of directors. One kind of group runs their program by following a particular model and work within a specific paradigm. 

But the spirit-filled, fire-in-their belly leaders operate by faith. Their business model serves as a nice checks and balance, but it does not control their direction. The Holy Spirit does. 

I find myself in a church that follows a paradigm of programs. The question is ... will the mission church/field I've been assigned be willing to seek first the Kingdom of God? Are they willing to do something different and be 100 percent sold out to the cause of Jesus? That's where I want to be!

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